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Morten Haug Emilsen November 1, 2000 13:49

1D Internal Flow

I am currently performing a research in the CFD forums to find a way to model the transient flow in a pipe (only 1D) with different boundary conditions. (These can be closed, pressure given or a choke at the outlet.)

My problem is a pressurized pipe (closed in both ends) with a leakage somewhere along the pipelength. My question is? What will the flowrate be out of the pipe as function of time, and what will the flowprofile in the pipe be, (pressures and flowrates) and how long does it take to empty the pipe?

The fluid inside the pipe is liquid with density as function of pressure and temperature. I guess I have to take wall friction into account.

Can you give me some ideas of where to start. I have looked at the SIMPLE and SIMPLER algorithms, can they be used, and where can I find the source codes. (I have the Patankar book.)

Thanks, Morten

Sergei Zhubrin November 2, 2000 07:26

Re: 1D Internal Flow
The problem can be easily modelled by PHOENICS shareware, which has 1D/2D/3D, compressible/incompressible,steady/unsteady, onephase/multiphase solver.
The relevant source codes are GENMIX 2P and 2/E/FIX-CHAMPION. The latter is, actually, 2D (SIMPLE) code but can be easily reduced to handle 1D problems.
The references to start are CFD83/4 and HTS81/8.
Sergei Zhubrin

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