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Dr. Jones November 3, 2000 16:00

Free DNS code ?
Does anyone know of a free DNS code which I can download. It needs to be in cylindrical coordinates because I would like to perform a DNS simulation of a coaxial jet ?

Junseok Kim November 3, 2000 17:19

Re: Free DNS code ?
what stands for DNS?

John C. Chien November 3, 2000 17:53

Re: Free DNS code ?
(1). Would it be easier to look for DNS simulation results of coaxial jet?

Dr. Jones November 3, 2000 18:21

Re: Free DNS code ?
no, I want to run the DNS myself. And by the way, DNS stands for direct numerical simulation. I've designed a new model and I would like to tune it for a coaxial jet. I'll interpolate the DNS data onto my RANS grid. With this I can see how the turbulence model is performing with the the correct velocity field etc...

Tareq Al-shaalan November 4, 2000 01:07

Re: Free DNS code ?
Check with Turbulent research center at Stanford University. They are doing a lot of DNS Calculations.

Dr. Jones November 4, 2000 11:54

Re: Free DNS code ?
I would check the Stanford cite but their web page for Center for Turbulence Research has been down for a while. Besides, I've search their cite several times in the past and I have never seen any source code access.

Patrick Godon November 6, 2000 12:31

Re: Free DNS code ?
Hi D.R. Jones,

I guess what you are looking for is something like a link to free softwares in CFD;

Why don't you try this one:

There is there a whole bunch of hydro codes in multidimensions and different geometries able to treat turbulence too.

Let us know if this works. If it doesn't I can give you two more links to astrophysical CFD codes that should be suitable for DNS.

I hope this helps,

Patrick (D.R. Godon)

frederic felten November 6, 2000 13:12

Re: Free DNS code ?
hi there,

you can download a Homogenous isotropic turbulence code (DNS and LES, fractional step, finite difference...) at the following address: (at the bottom of the page) It's not cylindrical, but anyway, you can modify the code to fit your needs.

I hope this help. Sincerely,

Frederic Felten CFD Laboratory. UT Arlington, TX, USA.

Dan Williams November 7, 2000 20:44

Re: Free DNS code ?
Download the flux-corrected transport modules from:

there is a link there somewhere. You can do all the DNS you want with those. Allthough you will have to add all the viscous stress terms yourself.


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