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Jie November 7, 2000 07:43

Compiling MPEG movie on PC/Win98
Dear All,

Previously I employed "Mpeg_encode + filename" to compile my simulation results (a series of binary files of particle layout)into a movie. The file followed the MPEG-encode command is a special file with data file information. I wish to do similar work by PC/win98. MPEG player is available in my PC,but I do not know where to obtain a similar file as mentioned before in the Unix system.

Is there any expert could tell me some information on this aspect?


Jie Li

Jas November 7, 2000 10:02

Re: Compiling MPEG movie on PC/Win98
If I have understood correctly, you wish to create mpeg files in windows from a number of seperate files.

If this is so, you can download free animation software such as Platypus animator at or similar.


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