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dwi s November 8, 2000 20:45

boundary layer of a flat-plate

For a smooth flat-plate with zero incident, there must be a laminar boundary layer at initial length. Practically, it will change to turbulent boundary further downstream at certain critical Reynolds number. If I simulate flow over a flat-plate using CFD with turbulence modeling, Is the initial laminar boundary layer automatically calculated ? or Does CFD assume that the boundary layer is fully turbulent from the leading edge ?

TIA for any reply


manishkumar.P November 9, 2000 02:45

Re: boundary layer of a flat-plate
hello; the condition you refer is explained in the case of the prandtl-meyer expansion wave analysis in the book :COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS" BY JOHN ANDERSON. CFD does not assume it . the case has to be accounted for with the formula given therein. if i have got you clear. are you dealing with flatplates subjected to hypersonic flows? manishGP.

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