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MK November 13, 2000 04:44

Deforming Grids
Hi all,

Whats the best software around for moving/deforming grids? and does anyone know of any literature.


Peter Young November 13, 2000 06:55

Re: Deforming Grids
One of the code advertised in this forum, STAR-CD, is widely used in the transient internal engine simulation - you may find publications from SAE.

MK November 13, 2000 07:12

Re: Deforming Grids
Thanks, I have heard that they can do this. Are there any others who can come close to matching this?


Srinivasan Arunajatesan November 13, 2000 08:26

Re: Deforming Grids
Hi! MK,

We have a compressible and incompressible unstructured flow solver that can do deforming grids with and without adaption. In our code we actually use a full stress solver and for small deformations this is very accurate and robust. For larger deformations we have a mesh adaption package that can be used to re-do the grid locally when the quality becomes unacceptable. If you wish to try out our code, send me an e-mail or call me.

-- Srinivasan

Srinivasan Arunajatesan, Ph.D Research Scientist Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc. 174, N Main Street,P.O. Box 1150,Dublin PA 18917

e-mail : Tel : 215-249-9780 FAX : 215-249-9796 URL :

Sergei Zhubrin November 13, 2000 10:01

Re: Deforming Grids
With PHOENICS including its Shareware version ( Level 5 ) the deforming grids can be handled both for small and large deformations as exemplified here and here.
Sergei Zhubrin

MK November 14, 2000 04:25

Re: Deforming Grids
How about the other major commercial codes - can they handle moving/deforming meshes. If they cannot why is is difficult to do?


sxk November 15, 2000 17:07

Re: Deforming Grids
CFD-ACE+ does good job for deforming grid.

Dimitri Nicolopoulos November 21, 2000 08:26

Re: Deforming Grids
RADIOSS-CFD, using ALE formulation, is able to deform grids and perform simulations like airbag inflation, fuel tank sloshing during a crash (involving not only accelerations but deformations of the tank), valves opening/closing and so on.

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