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frederic felten November 16, 2000 20:52

pressure poisson equation!!
Hi there,

I'm seeking some "clear" information, about the discretisation(finite volume) of the pressure poisson equation expressed in curvilinear coordinates. I'm also seeking info about the solver method. Is Multigrid the best overall??

Thanks in advance,

Frederic Felten CFD Laboratory, UT Arlington.

franck bertagnolio November 17, 2000 04:17

Re: pressure poisson equation!!

I found the following article quite interesting as a formulation of finite volume discretizations: Yang, Habchi, Przekwas, General Strong Conservation Formulation of Navier-Stokes Equations in Nonorthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates, AIAA, 32, No.5, p.936, 1994.

For curvilinear coordinates, I would say that the reference material is the book by Aris (Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliff, NJ, 1662)

As for the solver, multigrid is supposed to be the best asymptotically. I heard that Bi-CGStab with multigrid as a preconditionner is very efficient, but never tried myself.

Hope this helps,

Franck Bertagnolio

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