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Adrin Gharakhani November 17, 2000 16:56

Non-CFD heat transfer question
This is (probably) a question for people with hands-on insulation expertise.

There is a concrete cubic box (1x1x1 m^3) with some electronic appliances inside it, which is operating in the desert (no vents, air conditioning, etc.!!) Apparently, the heat generation is not strong enough to cause damage to the electronic equipment.

If we were to replace the concrete with sheet metal (it's less messy and lighter), what type of insulation would you recommend we'd have to use. Are there any paint-type insulation material that will be effective enough. (The problem appears to be one of conduction and radiation heat transfer, but not a research subject. Only a quick but effective solution is required)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, comments

Adrin Gharakhani

John C. Chien November 18, 2000 01:14

Re: Non-CFD heat transfer question
(1). Go to a Home Depot store, talk to the building insulation people about the fiber glass insulating material. (2). It comes with various R-rating and thickness for wall and roof insulation.

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