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Edwin Munts November 23, 2000 07:45

grid generator
I have an orthogonaltiy problem with my elliptical grid generator, using to generate 2D grids around airfoils. Therefore, I am looking for a hyperbolic grid generator. Do you have any suggestion where to get a suitable hyperbolic grid generator?

Pat Neuman November 24, 2000 15:20

Re: grid generator
ICEM CFD Hexa is great for meshes around airfoils and has automatic O-grid generation. Check out

John Chawner December 4, 2000 15:54

Re: grid generator
Hi Edwin,

You don't say whether you'd prefer free or commercial software. If you were in the U.S. and wanted free software I'd suggest NASA's HYPGEN code.

If you'll consider a commercial solution you should check out Gridgen at Gridgen has elliptic methods with a variety of orthogonality controls and hyperbolic methods. For airfoils you should look at these pages:

Gridgen also has unstructured tri/tet meshes and hybrid cells including prisms and pyramids, in case you're interested.

Good luck with your search!

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