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szydlowski November 28, 2000 06:14

Hello! I work on a DNS code and the FFT I have is very slow. I'm searching for a 3 dimensional Fast Fourier Transform which is strong and fast. It must be coded in fortran and for a scalar architecture processor and optimised. thanx for answering.

(sorry for my english!!!)

frederic felten November 29, 2000 14:39

Re: 3D FFT
hi there,

you can download the following code at: It is a Homogenous isotropic turbulence code (Second order finite difference isotropic turbulence code). It works with spectral methods, and so you'll be able to have access to the fft3d routines.

Hope this helps,


Frederic Felten. CFD Laboratory, UT Arlington.

Mark Olesen November 30, 2000 03:14

Re: 3D FFT
For a general overview of and comparison of FFT's take a look at <>

There are a vast number of FFT routines available thru <>

Among others, you'll also find an implementation of Singleton's FFT method under <> which should suit your purposes

The code features: * C, F77, F90 * N-dimensions * optimized for Radix-4 and Radix-8 * works for oddball sizes without padding to 2^n * compares favourably on the fftw benchmark

I don't know who is currently maintaining the package.

ciao, /mark

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