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Marcus November 28, 2000 12:41

Unstructured grid finite volume methods
I'm aware of the fact that unstructured finite volume methods for CFD computations can be developed by defining field quantity (velocity, pressure etc)variations across a finite element type grid and then overlaying this grid with a dual grid of control volumes such that volume 'centres' and element vertices coincide. The discrete equations are then obtained by satisfying the relevant conservation principles across the volumes.

I'm keen to find out more details of this type of approach. To help me out can anybody point me towards some of the pertinent references in the journal literature.



sylvain November 29, 2000 13:03

Re: Unstructured grid finite volume methods
In english, you schould find information in the bibliography part of this article (but I'm not so sure) :

M. Buffat (1994) - Parallel Simultaion of compressible turbulent flows using non-structured domains partitionings and object oriented programming - Notes on numerical fluid mechanics : CFD on parallel systems - Viewer-Verlag

In french, what you want is this :

C. Le Ribault (1991) - Simulation des ecoulements turbulents compressibles par une methode mixte "elements finis-volumes finis" - These de doctorat - Ecole Centrale de Lyon

You may also look to the works done by A. Dervieux and is team at INRIA.


clifford bradford December 4, 2000 18:44

Re: Unstructured grid finite volume methods
try the CFD book by Hirsch

Abhijit Tilak December 5, 2000 01:25

Re: Unstructured grid finite volume methods
hi sylvan,

The best reference you could find is Von-Karman Lecture notes by T.Barth. There are some other papers in AIAA and other by Lars Davidson (Int Jrnl for Num. methods in Fluids Vol 22 265-281, 1996) Khobayashi (Num. heat Transfer Part B Vol 34 39-60 1998). I hope this helps Abhijit Tilak

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