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Luo Shengping November 29, 2000 04:20

Ventilation Simulation & Experiment Data
Dear all,

I am doing a CFD simulation of ventilation process (including heat transfer) in a spacecraft cabin under micorgravity( I need to validate my turbulence model and calculation results with ground-based experiment data and then by seting g=0 to extrapolate it to microgravity environment. I need urgently some ventilation experiment data on ground in 3D(isotherm/non-isotherm, with/without obstacles, preferably in a mixing ventilation case) in buildings or in similar cases, can some one of you share with me your experiment results (if any) or give me some pointers where I can find some of them? Any feedback are highly appreciate and thank you very much for your kind help in advance.



weizhong xiang November 29, 2000 10:36

Re: Ventilation Simulation & Experiment Data
You can find loads of information from ASHRAE (American society of Heating, Refrigeration, Ventilation,& Air-conditioning) Transaction.

Luo Shengping November 29, 2000 11:29

Re: Ventilation Simulation & Experiment Data
Hi Mr. Xiang,

Thank you for your kind feedback. I know there are many good infos in ASHRAE Transactions and Building & Energy, but I don't have access to them, so I hope some of you who have access to them or have some infos at hand can share with me your results.



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