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Frank November 29, 2000 19:08

open channel flow
I'm working with cfd for 5 years about compressor-flow. Now I was asked if it is possible to calculate the water-flow in an open channel with a propeller in it. And as a special feature the channel is a closed system: the water comes back to the propeller.

1.) Do you know of literature about such a configuration ?

2.) Do I need VOF for the surface ?

3.) Which turbulence-model ?

4.) Do you have other hints to that configuration. I never had such a case and I do not know how to simulate this.

Thanks a lot for your help


John C. Chien December 3, 2000 05:47

Re: open channel flow
(1). Why don't you do the journal search first, to see if someone has done something like that. (2). A propellar must have more than two blades on it. And the flow over the propellar is definitely 3-D, especially, with the free surface on the top of it. And it is also a transient, moving boundary problem. (3). I would say it is a good PhD thesis, but I am not sure whether there is a market for it. (4). It is easier just to put a propeller in the closed loop open channel duct, and forget about the CFD simulation.

Ghanshyam Singh December 14, 2000 13:15

Re: open channel flow
I am agree with John, there are situations where doing experiment is faster and cheaper then CFD. There is limit for any thing to crazy for.


Jon Lewin December 15, 2000 04:32

Re: open channel flow
Are you men or mice?........

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