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greg November 30, 2000 08:34

RNG k-epsilon model and wall function
I have used the RNG k-epsilon model of Yakhot & Orszag (1986 ... 1992). I have read that : "The RNG model with low-Re modifications is valid across the full range of flow conditions from low to high Re, so WALL FUNCTIONS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED"

Is this true ?

Could somebody tell me more about these "low-Re modifications" (equations, news terms ...)?

Thanks you,


Srinivasan Arunajatesan November 30, 2000 16:27

Re: RNG k-epsilon model and wall function
A colleague of mine worked on modifications to the RNG K-e model for his Ph.D Thesis. According to him, the RNG k-e model does not work without Low Re corrections or wall functions. You may want to look up his thesis at

Regards Srinivasan

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