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George Bergantz December 1, 2000 02:39

MIGAL- coupled algebraic multigrid solver?
Does any one out there have any personal experience with this 'MIGAL' package, and specifically, can direct me to a reference in any of the usual CFD journals? I apologise in advance if this has been previosuly discussed.

I understand that it is being offered as a feature with the PHOENICS package, and the claims are that it provides for significant speed-up and convergence for the usual FVM. I don't wnat to get into talking about PHOENICS, I am not promoting any product here but rather am wondering that if this is as 'good' as it sounds why many of you experienced users have not mentioned it or have had mixed experiences, etc. You basically need a lot of RAM, unlike the good old days. Some of the speed-ups to convergence (yes, I know that's a moving target) are nothing short of remarkable, order of magnitude type stuff. What's the word on the street? Who has implemented this approach at their own site and has experience to share? I'd like to hear from someone who has coded this themselves on their own FVM code.

In closing please don't think that by bringing up these products this is subtle SPAM; I'm not sure how else to present the issue, as I don't fully understand it myself.

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