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Alex December 3, 2000 09:17

Joukowskii transform
Hi everybody

does anybody remember the Joukowskii transform for making airfoil shapes from cicle?


Peter Attar December 3, 2000 20:06

Re: Joukowskii transform
I am not sure if this is what you want but in the derivation of Theodorsen's function the transformation of a circle in the XZ plane to a "slit" in the xz plane is given by x+iz=(X+iZ)+b^2/(4*(X+iZ)) where b is the circle diameter. This slit can then be used to approximate the airfoil if it is thin....if more is needed it can be found in any aerodynamics/aeroelasticity book such as BAH.

James Date December 5, 2000 09:48

Re: Joukowskii transform
Have a look in : Abbott, I.H., and Von Doenhoff, A.E., 1959, "Theory of Wing Sections," Dover Publications Inc.

alex lyons December 7, 2000 09:27

Re: Joukowskii transform
Lex, I've just done a transformation of the same out in excel and have a summary of the important points in a report. I'll send them to you if you like

I've got a couple of diagrams of grid transformations, which I'm using it for

Am using the general form

w= 1/2(z+1/z) Which can be applied to

w= z+ a^2/z (Jouwkowski transfrom)


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