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Pablo Taberna December 3, 2000 11:13

Urgent: cdf market size
I would like to get some advice and comment from you CFD experts on the following: 1. What is the size of the CDF market on commercial codes? 2. What is the size of the diffeent industries such as ground transportation, aeronautics, HVAC, etc?

John C. Chien December 4, 2000 01:22

Re: Urgent: cdf market size
(1). The sales of a commercial cfd code definitely can be obtained from the code vendor. They definitely will give you some numbers, in terms of the number of licenses installed or something like that. (2). There are also other activities involved, such as consulting, and contract research. It is then difficult to say it is three contracts, or three hundred thousand dollars. (3). So, it is possible to say that there were two hundred licenses installed, or something like that. But the potential market is huge, if you know how to solve their problems. In other words, the current cfd market is limited by the the developer's knowledge of the user's problem. (4). I would say that the current cfd market is relatively small. (the dollar amount is not useful because each one charge the user at different rates. And some licenses are quite expensive. So, the cfd market is very small.)

Bart Prast December 4, 2000 08:31

Re: Urgent: cdf market size
My estimate would be around 50.000 commercial licenses worldwide.

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