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Mehdi BEN ELHADJ December 3, 2000 11:32

execute 2 codes
Last time I execute the PHOENICS code simulations with the command "pc" in cmdtool (unix).

now we have installed STARCD too (it runs without problem), and if I write "pc" to run phoenics I learn "command not found".

Can some one help me please.

Jas December 4, 2000 04:43

Re: execute 2 codes

Check your configuration files to make sure that you have set your environment variables properly.


type evn

if you do not see something like

PATH = u:/...../..../pc.exe or whatever your executable is called then the computer won't know where to look for your program. If your starting it through desktop then check your shortcuts.

you can set your variables by either typing

setenv PATH path-to-file-name

where path-to-file-name is the file path to your executable or modify your the text file directly which should be in your home directory.


Jas December 4, 2000 08:14

Re: execute 2 codes

I meant type env not evn

also the file that you need to check is your .cshrc file which holds your personalised settings and executes everytime you start up a new shell.


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