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Chen December 4, 2000 19:11

ALE method?
Hi, everyone:

I have a bisic question: Under what circumstance it is better to use the ALE method?


kalyan December 5, 2000 14:32

Re: ALE method?
ALE is used when there are moving interfaces in the field (crack propagation, two-phase flows etc.). Note however that most ALE methods are only 1st order accurate.

Dimitri Nicolopoulos December 14, 2000 15:00

Re: ALE method?
We make an extensive use of ALE methods for coupled fluid structure problems ranging from large deformations of the structure (like crash of a fuel tank) to very small vibrations (like exhaust pipes for noise analysis). The structure is modeled using Lagrangian formulation as usual and the Fluid uses ALE. In this case, the ALE grid is attached to the structures and deforms whenever the strucure undergoes a deformation. You can quite a few exemples on our website under the M-Explicit section.

Dimitri Nicolopoulos MCube

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