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R.KRISHNAMURTHY December 6, 2000 02:07

unsteady aerodynamics

I have developed an upwind Euler solver to operate on moving grids ( structured grid ) and validated for oscillating airfoils NACA 0012 and NACA 64A006 in transonic flow. Also, this solver has been integrated with a structural dynamic model and validated for obtaining aeroelastic response characteristics of NACA 64A006 airfoil undergoing pitch and plunge motions.

Now, I am developing a 3-D unsteady Euler solver to operate on moving grids ( structured grid ) to predict unsteady flows around oscillating bodies. Now, I require test cases for validating the code for unsteady flow past axisymmetric bodies which oscillate and/or plunge in pitch plane in transonic / supersonic flows.

John C. Chien December 6, 2000 02:17

Re: unsteady aerodynamics
(1). Where is the boundary layer? and turbulent flow modeling? (2). All the test cases are viscous flows, I think. Do you think that inviscid Euler solution is adequate for oscillating flow over airfoil and axisymmetric bodies?

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