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frederic felten December 6, 2000 13:46

vortex-wall interaction!!
Hi there,

I'm seeking some information and publications ref. for the following topics:

1)-Superposition of a vortex in a turbulent channel flow. 2)- vortex-wall interaction for turbulent flow.

Thanks in advance, Sincerely,

Frederic Felten CFD Laboratory, UT Arlington.

marco December 7, 2000 05:28

Re: vortex-wall interaction!!
Hi Frederic, about topic 1) I have some experience with Electro-Hydro-Dynamics vortex (ref. Soldati and Banerjee (1998) "Turbulence modification by large-scale organized EHD flows", Ph. Fluids 10(7), 1998 p. 1742 - Fulgosi M., Soldati A. and Banerjee S. "Turbulence modulation by an array of large-scale streamwise structures of EHD origin", "Symposium on Wall Bounded and Free Shear Flows",ASME/JSME Fluid Engineering Conference, San Francisco, CA, July 18-22, 1999 [download here:]) In these papers you may find some other references. About topic 2) there is a lot of stuff available on journals (JFM or Ph. Fluids); for starting I will suggest you A.K.M.F. Hussain "Coherent structures and Turbulence", JFM (1986), vol. 173 p. 303 - S.K. Robinson "Coherent motions in the turbulent boundary layer", Ann. Rev. Fluid Mech. 1991 (23), p. 601 - S. Banerjee "Turbulence Structures", Chem. Eng. Science, vol. 47(8), p. 1793 (1992) ... and so on! I hope this will help you! Cheers, marco.

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