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sencal December 10, 2000 00:22

Shock tube source code
I need a fortran(Or C++ or matlab) code for a Euler shock tube problem (Rieman problem),1-D,using the method of characteristics with Predictor and corrector scheme. If grid clustering and moving grid is also present in the above code, it would be of a great help.

I also need a 2-D shock reflection code using Van leer's flux splitting scheme. Please let me know if anyone has one which you can lend me immediately.

John C. Chien December 10, 2000 04:27

Re: Shock tube source code
(1). I have never heard of "Euler shock tube problem". As you stated, it is also called Rieman problem. (2). What is the method of characteristic with Predictor and corrector scheme? Never heard of such method either. (3). What is this Van leer's flux splitting scheme for a 2-D shock reflection code? What is a shock reflection code? What does it suppose to do? (4). 1-D , transient shock tube problem (initial value, pressure contact discontinuity problem) has been used to check out numerical schemes in the past. You should be able to find such papers easily in the Journal of Computational Physics. As a matter of fact, I have followed the paper by Sod twenty years ago, and solved the shock tube problem with various schemes on my Radio Shack computer (1Mhz machine) using Basic language. The results were printed out on a Epson dot-matrix printer. Is this what you are after? Almost anyone can write such program using explicit mehtod. (explict time marching method) You should be able to find related information in most CFD books. (initial value, hyperbolic equation)

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