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Apurva Shukla December 14, 2000 01:08

Higher Order FV Schemes for unstructured meshes

I am looking for higher (2nd and above) order FVM for unstructured meshes, esp. triangular. Most of the reference I have are for structured meshes. I am more interested in N-S solvers.

Thanks & Regards Apurva

frederic felten December 14, 2000 13:26

Re: Higher Order FV Schemes for unstructured meshe
hi there,

Take a look at the following publication:

"Conservation Properties of Unstructured Staggered Mesh Schemes." Blair Perot. Journal of Computational Physics, Vol 159, pp 58-89, 2000.

I hope this helps, Sincerely,

Frederic Felten. CFD Laboratory, UT Arlington.

Rajeev December 15, 2000 06:25

Re: Higher Order FV Schemes for unstructured meshe
Hi Apurva:

Firstly i would like to reply on your query. For a cell-centered, finite volume upwind scheme, higher-order accuracy can be achieved by a multidimensional linear reconstruction process. In higher order formulation, you have to calculate solution-gradient at the cell center. In 2D, this will be nothing but line integral around some closed path around the cell center.

I have used the above reconstruction process and Van Albada type Limitor in my unstructured (Triangles) Navier Stokes code. If you want, I will send my document and formulation for the same.

I think, you are working in Fluent India. I will write separately on the personal issues.


Regards Rajeev

Apurva Shukla December 15, 2000 06:59

Re: Higher Order FV Schemes for unstructured meshe
Hi Rajeev,

You guessed it right I am in Fluent India. If you have a soft copy of your report, can you mail it to me at : Will write to you soon on personal issues.

Regards Apurva

Kang, S. K. December 15, 2000 10:17

Re: Higher Order FV Schemes for unstructured meshe
I don't know what kind of PDE you want to solve. If you want to solve hyperbolic equations, I think there are some choices. ENO, WENO, MUSCL or PPM can be the choice. These have 2nd or 3rd order accuracy.

Triangle Based Adaptive Stencils for the Solution of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol.98, pp.64-73, (1992)

Multidimensional Slope Limiters for MUSCL-Type Finite Volume Schemes on Unstructured Grids, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol.155, pp.54-74, (1999)

Weigted Essentially Non-oscillatory Schemes on Triangular Meshes, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol.150, pp.97-127, (1999)

Good Luck~!

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