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kuttichthan December 17, 2000 14:01

k-e OR k-w for near wall ??
hi .. can anybody suggest a suitable turbulence model to predict nearwall turbulence in a compressible flow field(without wall function approach)...

I have tried Chien's, L-S, Nagano-Tagawa, and Biswas-Fukuyama low Re k-e based models. But i have read that k-w(wilcox) model is suitable for nearwall turbulence. If anybody used both k-e & k-w ..plz advice which is better...

Thanks Kuttichathan

John C. Chien December 17, 2000 14:38

Re: k-e OR k-w for near wall ??
(1). You may want to read the 540-page book by David Wilcox, "Turbulence Modeling for CFD", which is available at his website. (2). It is well-known that the two-equation k-epsilon model has some problems with the epsilon-equation. But it has been widely used and modified for specific applications.

Chidu December 18, 2000 11:23

Re: k-e OR k-w for near wall ??
are you here to create trouble, kuttichathan :)


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