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Romulus Militaru December 19, 2000 12:38

Hello, I'm interested in the wall-laws for a turbulent fluid flow over a rough surface. Can I have more information about this subject, or some references? I already see the papers wich deal with the wall laws for the case of a laminar fluid flow over a rough surface but in the turbulent case there are some new problems. It's clear that the dimension of the rugosities in comparison with the thickness of the boundary layer is an important aspect. So I'm looking for some new elements for this turbulent case. Thank you. R.Militaru

John C. Chien December 19, 2000 13:03

Re: wall-laws
(1). You can take a look at the book "Boundary Layer Theory" by Schlichting, McGraw-Hill. It covers the formula for rough surfaces.

kss December 19, 2000 13:12

Re: wall-laws
Hi Militaru .. Plz look papers by Bijan Mohammadi (University of Paris) who published a recent paper on rough surface modeling using wall laws( IJNMF - 1999). U will get more ref. from that.

btw what is the size of roughness u r looking for? it micron size ? KSS

Romulus Militaru December 20, 2000 05:26

Re: wall-laws (KSS)
Thank you KSS. You can tell me exactly what means IJNMF-1999, in order to have a rapidly acces to the papers? The size of roughness, I'm looking for is about of order of hundredths of milimetre.

Tank you, R.Militaru

Sergei Zhubrin December 20, 2000 05:31

Re: wall-laws
As most of the commercial codes, PHOENICS is equipped with built-in provision to handle the turbulent near-rough-wall flow. The inderlying treatment and its validation followed by implementation details are fully described in the papers published in PHOENICS Journal of CFD.

The papers and other related documentation can be ordered on-line via cfdSHOP.


Sergei Zhubrin

KSS December 20, 2000 11:56

Re: wall-laws (Militaru)
hi .. IJNMF means Int. Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids. There is one more paper by Zhang, Fagri & F.M.White et. al. which may be found in ASME. J. Fluids Engg. (1996). page. no. 421- !!! ( i dont remember page no. exactly).


Ghanshyam Singh December 20, 2000 11:56

Re: wall-laws (KSS)
IJNMF means-International Journal of Numerical Methods in Fluids.

If you don't know even this dont west others time. Go to the Lib. and look arround.


Romulus Militaru December 20, 2000 12:45

Re: wall-laws (KSS)
Thank you very much. I'll try to obtain the full size version of the papers by the help of the Internet.


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