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Ernest Quintanilha December 19, 2000 14:16

Evaluating CFD software
My company has started to look at CFD software. The reason for this posting is I'm hoping someone out there has a 'typical' evaluation procedure for looking at CFD software. We could then customize it to suit our needs. I realize our applications should drive the decision but I'm just looking for a starting point while hopefully avoiding some pitfalls. We manufacture vacuum pumps and compressors and we are really interested in looking problems in vacuum level pressure ranges. Thanks.

Steve Amphlett December 20, 2000 04:29

Re: Evaluating CFD software
Many companies benchmark CFD tools by inviting vendors to come and solve an unseen problem from start to finish on site. That way they get to see how the tools perform on real-life problems when used by experienced engineers. It's also relatively painless for the company involved and can give an early indication on how good customer support will be when required.

Gavin Butcher December 20, 2000 09:07

Re: Evaluating CFD software
- Take a good look at the websites ( in our case

- Give each CFD company a call and ask to speak to one of their turbomachinery people.

- Discuss with them what you want to do. (This exercise should clarify what CFD companies are seriously involved in pumps and compressors).

- Arrange a visit with the companies that demonstrate relevant expertise.


Joern Beilke December 20, 2000 19:42

Re: Evaluating CFD software
Try to get the following article:

"Molecular Flow in StarCD" from Mike Galtry presented at the 9th European StarCD User Group Meeting.

It describes what can be done in the case of high vacuum, when the fluid can't be treated as continuum.

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