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Sreenadh Jonnavithula December 21, 2000 14:42

Issue 4 of adapco-online
The editors of adapco-online wish you all a happy holiday, and a happy New Year 2001.

It is our pleasure to present the fourth issue of adapco-online. Please visit us at

The second article in the Understanding STAR-CD series deals with transient flows. The Dr.Post series continues with an article on creating icons in plots. We also have several other articles, on radiation, user subroutines etc., and a bunch of user articles.

This issue also has several presentations from the recently concluded European users conference. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from the works of your collegues.

On the editorial side, we have a new cumulative index which should make finding older articles easier, and a selection of user comments ..

As usual, we'd like to reiterate that we are offering to PAY STAR-CD users to contribute to adapco-online. We will pay $300. for each accepted user article. Please do consider sharing your non-proprietary work with other users in the STAR-CD community.

Please send us your feedback, good or bad, about adapco-online!

DONT GO THERE!!!!! December 21, 2000 19:16

you'll get stuck
Nice, web page... Not only could I see only half your web page, I couldn't get back...YOU TRAPPED ME THERE. For that reason alone I will not read anything on your site...merry x-mas...

George Bergantz December 22, 2000 00:08

I submit this is SPAM. This belongs on the STAR page.

Sreenadh Jonnavithula December 22, 2000 10:41

Re: you'll get stuck
This is the first time I heard this complaint, and believe me, it is certainly not intentional. I simply cannot reproduce it myself - I'm using netscape 4.7, with screen resolution set to 1200 wide, maximised screen. Note that adapco-online uses frames, so you have to hit the BACK button twice to get back to your previous page; If there is some other error/version dependance in the scripts, I would appreciate it if you can be more specific about the problem.

And yes, a happy holiday to you too!

Jonas Larsson December 22, 2000 17:48

Re: you'll get stuck
This affects all more recent versions of netscape, including 4.7. Your site automatically forwards people from to, then when they hit back from the frontpage.html page and return to the first page they are again automatically forwarded to the frontpage.html page - a well known trick to capture people and keep them from "backing away" from your site. It is a bad habit which I donīt like at all.

Sreenadh Jonnavithula December 23, 2000 00:22

Re: you'll get stuck
Yes, I see the problem now; however, it is an unintended consequence (a bug!?) of some processing I needed to do (to check browser compatibility, and forward them to the site only if some minimal capability is available), rather than some devious plot to keep visitors on adapco-online. You can always go back by holding down the mouse button on the BACK key, which will bring up a drop down menu of your previous stops, and picking the site you want to go to. When I get back from vacation in the first week of Jan, I will fix this so that the BACK key works in the usual manner. Thanks for your patience ..

John C. Chien December 23, 2000 14:32

Re: you'll get stuck, really bad
(1). It is not just a problem with Netscape, it is also a problem when using Microsoft Internet Explorer. (2). It is really bad for the readers of this forum. (3). I think, there are at least two very bad conditions which exist in CFD industries. The first one is related to the vendors' webpages. Sometimes, the information given in the forum answer will let you believe that it is free. But as you visit the location, you will have to purchase the items in order to read the article. Another problem is like the location lockup, then it interrupts the reader's activities. This will force the reader to start all over again. It is not fair in both cases, because the readers were interested in the forum in the first place. They should not be treated this way. (4). Then the answers to this problem comes in the delayed action, such as, it will be corrected in the future,.... And at the same time, the bad message is still there, and more and more readers are suffering. (5). The other problem is a much bigger one, that is, when a commercial code can not meet the needs of the reader (user), the reader post a message here at the forum. Then there are exchange of messages from other readers, trying to find an answer to the question. But in many cases, it is related to the limitations of the code, and then the voice from the vendor will announce that a better version will be released in the next or future versions. (6). This type of answers is really very bad. "WHO IS GOING TO VISIT THE SAME WEBSITE AGAIN, IF IT IS NOT USER-FRIENDLY ? IF IT CREATE TROUBLES FOR THE READERS ?" Action should be taken to prevent further damage to other readers of this forum. (7). As for the statement of the next generation codes, I think, the readers from this forum have accumulated enough knowledge about the limitations or bad part of each commercial CFD codes listed here. And a section of problem listing should be created, so that other potential new users can use it as a reference to guide them in the selection of the particular code for his particular application. This is really very important, because readers come here to seek information and answers, they are not here to "REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKES". (8). So, we should have a section where information such as: item-1, code-a is not user-friendly in turbomachinery mesh generation. item-2, website-c will lead you to a dead end street.... (9). If the code is not capable of doing something, we like to make it known right now, so that more readers can spend their time wisely instead of repeating the same mistake, over and over again. When you see a man-hole not covered, you put up a sign there. That is the minimum one must do here in the forum. (if the code is not working right now, there is a chance that it is not going to work in the future version as well.)

Jonas Larsson December 24, 2000 05:49

Re: you'll get stuck
Sounds good. I see why you do this. However, if you just make the index-page dynamic and display a different version of it depending on browser-capabilities you will avoid this auto-forwarding.

I'm sorry if I implied that the "capturing" was intentional. The auto-forwarding is especially irritating for people who read discussion forums - they often just want to check out the site and then hit the back-key to return to the forum and continue reading other messages.

Meulard January 5, 2001 14:40

Re: you'll get stuck

On the right of the location back in Netscape you have a small arrow giving you access to the history and you can go back to

On top of the Window, select Communicator>Tools>History, then you can get back to the page you were.

When clicking on the same button for a long time you will obviously trapped yourself...D'Oh!

Meulard Simpson

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