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mark December 21, 2000 15:42

cfx, meshing + examples
hi everyone

i have just started using CFX 5.4 for modeling fluid flow through pipes and constriction such as nozzels and orifices.

i have been using Ansys5.5 before, but now we have to move to CFX.

i have cople of questions, first regarding the meshing processes,i am modeling 2d and 3d pipe flow with an orifice (flow meter), what is the best way to

get a regulare mesh, it is ok using free mesh, but how to build the model with regulare mesh in both cases 2d and 3d. secondely is there is a web site or

other means where i can find more examples than those in the manuals.

and at last how will i calculate the vorticity through the model (with either mesh), and how to calculate the Strouhal number for the flow over cylinder(2d

or 3d).

thank you regards mark

take it elsewhere December 22, 2000 00:10

go to CFX site!
please take this to the cfx discusssion group; that is why there is one.

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