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sam December 31, 2000 15:42

Looking for a (free) 3D mesher
Hello All,

I am looking for a 3D CFD mesher on internet to download to my home computer. Freeware is preferred. Anybody know any sites?

Thanks in advance,


Ghanshyam Singh January 1, 2001 00:11

Re: Looking for a (free) 3D mesher
What kind of mesh do you need? Structured or Unstructured? You can use any commercial software like Fluent, CFX or NISA. Using any one of these package you can generate the MESH and output can be read by YOUR Flow solver. The file format of these software is quite easy to understand. Any way, if it is structured mesh you can afford of writing on your own. I do the same.

With regards and best wishes.


sam January 1, 2001 11:47

Re: Looking for a (free) 3D mesher
I am looking for an unstructured mesher, but anything will do. I just want to be able to create some meshes, view them and feed the data into my solver.


Des Aubery January 1, 2001 13:06

Re: Looking for a (free) 3D mesher
Hi Sam,

Have a look at GiD mesher - its not bad once you get used to its peculiarities.

Best regards,

Des Aubery...

Sebastien Perron January 2, 2001 10:27

Re: Looking for a (free) 3D mesher
I use the freeware modulef available at this site:

It works well, I've created 2d and 3d unstructured meshes with this set of routines. But in order to use it, it is strongly recommended to download and read the documentation which goes with it.

Good luck.

Robert Schneiders January 2, 2001 11:29

Re: Looking for a (free) 3D mesher
Take a look at


Regards, Robert

Robert Schneiders MAGMA Giessereitechnologie GmbH D-52072 Aachen Kackertstr. 11 Germany Tel.: +49-241-88901-13 email: www:

sam January 3, 2001 09:03

Re: Looking for a (free) 3D mesher

I have been impressed with the reference pages you have sited. Thank you for your help,


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