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Nina Yu. Shokina January 5, 2001 02:06

Islands in rivers
Dear colleagues,

Would you be so kind to recommend me any Internets sources of literature (even not full texts, but abstarcts or just titles), devoted to the flows in the rivers with islands.

Thanks in advance.


Sergei Zhubrin January 8, 2001 06:18

Re: Islands in rivers
Check out shallow-water-modelling discussion on this site.

A few recent simulations are[list=1][*] Water currents in a river course[*] Transport and fate of toxic spill


Sergei Zhubrin

Kang, Seok Koo January 12, 2001 02:55

Re: Islands in rivers
Well.. the information you have suggested is not proper, I think. Providing the examples implemented on commercial package is useless information. I think this site is not established for an advertisement of commercial CFD package.


To Nina Yu. Shokina

There is no difficulty in the simulation of flows of the river with island, if you want do. It is not different from the general river simulation problems. One thing different is that there are small closed solid boundaries in the domain. First, you generate grids on the domain which contains islands, and next, solve it via 2D shallow water equation solver. If you want to simulate drying/wetting on the island the problem beomces a little difficult, but it is also possible. Tsunami simulations can be a similar problem. Since there are so many papers concerning the river simulation, you can easily find it from Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE / Journal of Hyraulic Research, IAHR.


Kang, Seok Koo

Lab. of Hydraulic Eng., Department of Civil Engineering, Hanyang University, South Korea

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