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Unsure January 6, 2001 00:53

Rectangular Mesh
Does anyone know what sort of contour plots of streamfunction i can expect when my problem set involves flow in a rectangular mesh with insulated horizontal walls and vertical walls at hot and the other cold temperature? And also if the upper horizontal wall is a free surface?

Ghanshyam Singh January 8, 2001 02:22

Re: Rectangular Mesh
If upper wall is a free surface, you will get "U" shape streamline contours, with the flow coming in along the cold wall and going out along the hot wall. If top wall is closed, you will get circulatory flow pattern. Correct me if I am wrong.


Unsure January 18, 2001 01:03

Re: Rectangular Mesh
I tried running my program, but the contour plot i got is something like a circulatory flow pattern. Think there is something wrong with my boundary conditions of temperature. Since the top is a free surface, should i still assume an adiabatic wall where heat flux is zero? Currently, my vorticity at the top wall is set as zero while the other walls are per normal. Initial streamfunction is set at 1.

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