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Hua Zhou January 8, 2001 01:15

Aerodynamic Analysis Software?
Hi, would you please tell me which software is best for aerodynamic analysis of airplane? and I also need to know its price and company name.

John C. Chien January 8, 2001 12:36

Re: Aerodynamic Analysis Software?
(1). It is a good idea to visit the vendor's webpages, and talk to the sales persons about the price and their codes. (2). You can start from the commercial CFD code vendors listed in this forum. (3). There are many different kinds of airplane, so you need to know whether it is subsonic, transonic or supersonic. In this way, you can find the proper method to use. (4). Actually, since the wings and tails are the most important part of an airplane, it is probably easier to just simulate the flow over the wing. To simulate the whole airplane is going to require a large computational domain and a lot of RAM resources.

Hua Zhou January 8, 2001 22:14

Re: Aerodynamic Analysis Software?
Many aerodynamic analysis softwares have export controll(only US custmers is permitted to use), what I want to realize is whether there are professional softwares without such restricts. Thanks!

John C. Chien January 9, 2001 04:20

Re: Aerodynamic Analysis Software?
(1). What is "aerodynamic analysis"? Can you use commercial CFD codes such as Fluent, CFX, TASCflow, STAR-CD ,etc. to solve flow over a wing, or a body?

Hua Zhou January 9, 2001 10:20

Re: Aerodynamic Analysis Software?
By 'aerodynamic analysis', I mean numerical simulations of flow field around wing or wing+body etc.,to predict aerodynamic characteristics of airplane. Is there professional softwares designed for this purpose?

Matt January 9, 2001 10:58

Re: Aerodynamic Analysis Software?
Try visiting Matt

John C. Chien January 9, 2001 18:49

Re: Aerodynamic Analysis Software?
(1). This seems to be a good place to start the "aerodynamic analysis", especially, VSAERO has been around for a while now.

Hua Zhou January 9, 2001 22:05

Many thanks, Matt!

Morteza Saeedi February 6, 2001 07:52

Re: Aerodynamic Analysis Software?
I am astudent of mechanical engineering,and i research in aerodynamic of helicopter blade . Can you help me .

thanks ,M.Saeedi

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