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cfdman January 8, 2001 16:53

Block sparse matricies
I have written an explicit unstructured solver operating on general polyhedral meshes. I am in the process of making it implicit and need a way to solve the resulting block sparse matrix system. I have in the past successfully used the code from Saad (GMRES; available from his website) to solve scalar sparse matricies does anyone know how to store block sparse matricies to be solved by this same GMRES solver or does anyone know where I can get my hand on such a beast (hopefully with some documentation).


Jin Li January 10, 2001 12:05

Re: Block sparse matricies
Could you please give the address to Saad's website, where he has the downloadable GMRES code? Thanks a lot.


Sebastien Perron January 10, 2001 14:13

Re: Block sparse matricies

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