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Newbie January 9, 2001 17:37

Eulerian code
Hi y'all

I need to implement a full Eulerian code and I would like to ask everybody about sources of information on the teorethical basis as well as on the implementation,

If somebody can point me about an existant and available example code it will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for your patience.


Jim Park January 9, 2001 18:38

Re: Eulerian code
Are you looking for a code that solves the NS equations in the Eulerian reference frame (as opposed to the Lagrangian),

or do you want a code that solves the Euler equations?

John C. Chien January 9, 2001 18:46

Re: Eulerian code
(1). Check out the Books section of this forum first. (2). Read a book and then find out what to do next.

Newbie January 9, 2001 22:19

Re: Eulerian code
I need to solve the Navier Stokes equations, opposed to the Lagrangian approach.

Thanks again

A. Rajani Kumar January 10, 2001 00:21

Re: Eulerian code
You can refer the following book. Computational Fluid Dynamics Vol 2 by Hoffmann, Klaus A. and Chiang, Steve T. Engineering Education System, 1998

Newbie January 10, 2001 13:10

Re: Eulerian code
Thanks Rajani, I'm really a newbie and in some way I have to learn by myself so I don't have somebody to advise me. Your comments are very useful to me. You can be sure that such help makes somebody's life (in this case mine) less miserably.

I really appreciate your post.

Thanks a lot.


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