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Apurva Shukla January 11, 2001 09:36

Remeshing Algorithms
I am looking for algorithms in which I change the grid completely for each time-step or after some particular time step. Are their any refrences available which give the interpolation techniques for assigning the values to new cells based on solution from previous time step. I hope I am clear in explaining my problem.



John C. Chien January 14, 2001 05:16

Re: Remeshing Algorithms
(1). You need to take a look at the "Adaptive Meshing". (2). In Joe Thompson's book "Numerical Grid Generation", there is a chapter XI on "Adaptive Grids".

A. Rajani Kumar January 18, 2001 01:41

Re: Remeshing Algorithms
How you are going to change the grid. 1)Is it is based on gradients of the flow charecterstics then u refer adaptive grid generation. 2)if you are changing the grid size it self which is comman in the case of Multigrid methods then refer MG net. 3)If it a moving grid i mean with grid is depend on time then you have to see fluid dynamics and geat tranfer of turbomachinary by Lakshminarayana, Budugur

But unless u clearly tell how your grid is a changing with time, it is very difficulat for any body to gine exact answer.

Apurva Shukla January 18, 2001 02:48

Re: Remeshing Algorithms
There are two information I am looking for :

1. First change in grid due to gradiant adaptation, preferably remesh the whole domain.

2. Remeshing as in cases of moving valves of IC engines, where mesh changes in every time step and you have to get the values at new cells for next time step.

As far as moving grid are concerned I have already worked on 3-D structured Euler solvers for multistage turbomachine, so I have no doubt regarding it.

Thanks for your help

Regards Apurva

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