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waqas saleem January 12, 2001 01:44

i'm a begginer
i'm a student doing my project for baechelor in aerospace at cae. i have to solve quasi one dimentional flow through a 2-d cd nozzle in space marching. i need some help that what care should i take once writing code. especially in grid generation and navier-stokes equation solving process.

Raza Mirza January 13, 2001 18:04

Re: i'm a begginer
Hi Waqas,

I am not familiar with this specific problem, but 2D grid generation is not very complex for well defined geometries (I am assuming that the nozzle is a typical nozzle). The easiest will be to use Trans Finite Interpolation (TFI) whereby you specify an edge node distribution and the interior node position is determined by interpolation from the edge nodes.

You say that you want to solve quasi 1 D, then for that do you need a 2D mesh? Please educate me on this type of problem.

John C. Chien January 14, 2001 05:28

Re: i'm a begginer
(1). For subsonic flow in a nozzle, you can use pressure-based formulation to solve the Navier-Stokes equations. Basically, it is a flow through a channel. In this case, the simple H-grid can be used. (2). For supersonic flow in a nozzle, (subsonic-transonic-supersonic) it is better to use density-based formulation to solve the transient Navier-Stokes equations. (3). The chocking of mass flow and shock formation in the supersonic portion of the nozzle are two important issues which require special attention. As a result, the mesh has to be fine enough to capture the flow around the throat and through the shock systems.

praveenpahuja January 24, 2001 11:54

subsonic nozzle
i m praveen pahuja pursuing my bachelors in mechanical engineering.i m doing my project on design of subsonic exhaust nozzle for turbofan engine with a by-pass nozzle.can u give me some information on it.


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