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dimitris January 14, 2001 05:56

PER & MIR application
Hi everyone I want to run a project in which i am using both periodicity and mirror boundary conditions.Is this going to cause the solver some problems or is there a boundary condition which is more stronger than the other and is there a way of implementing this difference in the solution or the solving? For example in a code where i define the type of periodicity for mirror bc( i.e. axis and origin)in edge and in the same time i want to apply translation bc periodical conditions in some other edge how can i be sure that both of them are implemented inside the solver code?

Thanks to anybody in advance

John C. Chien January 14, 2001 06:10

Re: PER & MIR application
(1). If such condition exists in real world, then the code should be able to handle it. (2). But it does not mean that the specific code you are going to use, knows how to do it right. (3). You will have to fool around with it and check out the results yourself.

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