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BINAYA KUMAR DHAR January 16, 2001 11:40

i am a beginner!!!!
hello sirs,myself a student of JNCASR,B,LORE,now doing my M.S IN FLUID DYNAMICS UNIT.just 15 days back i have started my course of CFD.I CANT BE ABLE TO CHOSE A MINI project on my me in advising the suitable project. thanking u all,sirs with love binaya

Raza Mirza January 16, 2001 18:33

Re: i am a beginner!!!!
Hello Binaya,

During my masters at the University of Texas I took a course title "Advanced Computational Methods". Basically it was a CFD course offered in the aerospace department.

we were asked to write a code for 2D mesh generation and then later an euler solver. We did benchmark runs for flow past a bump. I chose to write a code for elliptic mesh generation (I had a choice between this and unstructued grid). something like this will be a good mini project for a semster course.

balaji and karthikeyan January 17, 2001 11:02

Re: i am a beginner!!!!
dear Binayakumar,

Please help us how to put the message that we want ,for an online help.We are from Madurai doing our BE(mechanical).We have interest in CFD.Also help us in learning basics thru internet.

good bye.

Balaji chellappan,

Karthikeyan sampath

N.SUBRAMANIAN January 18, 2001 01:33

Re: i am a beginner!!!!
hi, first as a beginner u can refer to fundamentals of CFD by J.D.Anderson.then u can refer to CFD by Hoffman and Chiang.


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