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Jonas Larsson January 17, 2001 04:25

ECC Memory Needed for Clusters?
Further to the hardware discussions below. We're currently looking at upgrading our Linux-cluster. One of the most cost-effective solutions is to use standard Office-PCs. However, the new 815 chipset from Intel used in these PCs does not support ECC memory. This makes me a bit hesitant. Our previous cluster, which has been extremely stable, used the old BX chipset with ECC memory. Hence, we have very good experience from clusters with ECC memory.

Has anyone had any experience from running a large Linux cluster on machines with non-ECC memory? Any stability problems related to the memory?

We are going to buy more than 50 machines so stability is cruical for us. Any advice is much appreciated.

Sebastien Perron January 17, 2001 08:08

Re: ECC Memory Needed for Clusters?
You might find help at this site . This linux distrution deals with linux clustering. There are links to newsgroups.

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