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Neil Campbell November 6, 1998 13:46

Wind Turbine Modelling
I'm currently involved in a project which will involve CFD simulation of flow through (VAWT and HAWT) Wind Turbines located within augmenters - e.g. ducts - in order to concentrate local wind resources. (We have access to CFD code for modelling rotating machinery.)

I've seen several Partice Image Velocimetry (PIV) pages on the Internet relating to Wind Turbines, but not so much on CFD (possibly due to the complexity of such flows & the problem of modelling wind conditions).

Does anyone out there know of any current or previous research in this area or pointers to analogous problems ?



Jyi-tyan Yeh November 10, 1998 20:03

Re: Wind Turbine Modelling
Some CFD results for turbomachinery can be found in my web site . There are also animations of particle traces for the unsteady flow (e.g. PC fan). I hope that they are what you are looking for.

Jyi-tyan Yeh

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