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Bipin Lokhande November 7, 1998 08:28

PDF Method for turbulent flows
Please guide me regarding Probability Density Function Method for simulation of turbulent flows. What advantage it has over method using statistically averaged Navier-Stokes equation.

Heinz Wilkening November 8, 1998 14:07

Re: PDF Method for turbulent flows
Ciao Bipin,

PDF methods are to my knowledge mostly used for turbulent combustion modeling. Here the great advantege of PDF methods is, that the chmical source term appears in closed form in the avergaged PDF-transport equations. But there are unclosed correlations for the pressure, which need empirical modeling. The closure used for the pressure correlations is quite the same as in the Reynolds-Stress modeling equations. So the results obtained for non reacting turbulent flows are quite simular, as for Reynolds-Stress modeling.

Fore more details and as a introduction you may look at:

S.B. Pope, "PDF Methods for turnulent reactive flows" Prog. Energy Combustion Sci., 1985, Vol. 11, pp. 119-192

Ciao Heinz

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