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Adrin Gharakhani January 19, 2001 15:48

where is macsyma
Does anyone own/use/know the Macsyma symbolic math package? If so, do you know what has happened to it or its parent company (symbolics)? Neither their website nor their phone lines are functional!

If anyone knows about their new whereabouts I'd really appreciate a pointer.

Thanks in advance

Adrin Gharakhani

John C. Chien January 20, 2001 23:44

Re: where is macsyma, A CFD Question?
(1). The address was Macsyma,Inc. 20 Academy St. Arlington,MA02476-6401, Tel:(781)646-4240. (2). Like anything else, the world is dynamic. I don't know whether the company is still there, since it is not a CFD question.

Adrin Gharakhani January 21, 2001 17:16

Re: where is macsyma, A CFD Question?
I found out that they went bankrupt. As for relevance to CFD, as someone who uses symbolic math packages to develop CFD algorithms, I would say the question is not directly related to CFD but this forum would be a good place to find out what happened to the company.

Adrin Gharakhani

John C. Chien January 21, 2001 19:51

Re: where is macsyma, A CFD Question?
(1). Thank you very much for the information about the use of symbolic math in CFD development. I think, it's something new for me. (2). And I am sorry to learn that the company is out of business.

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