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sencal January 20, 2001 15:36

3D LES Source Code
Hi , I am looking for a free source code using LES to model Incompressible Turbulent flows in 3D, as soon as possible. I need to model flow over a bluff body. A code in Fortran is preferable, but something in C++/etc would also help.

Thanks a lot.


John C. Chien January 20, 2001 23:54

Re: 3D LES Source Code, do search in Resources Sec
(1). This is a place for CFD discussions. If you need software information, you can do search in the Resources section first. (2). Or you can do free software search on Internet.

sex00 January 26, 2001 12:40

Re: 3D LES Source Code
did u get that code ? sex00

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