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Alan Stewart November 8, 1998 18:58

CFD Validation Data
I am desperately seeking some experimental data that has been done on any one of the following topics. CFD model of a backward facing step/sudden expansion, orifice plate, venturi meter, if anyone knows of where I can get some experimental data or papers please contact me.

Many Thanks

Alex Ivancic November 9, 1998 07:53

Re: CFD Validation Data
About a backward facing step you can find the experimental data in Armaly, Durst, Pereira, Schonung: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation od Backward-Facing step, Journal of Fluid Mech., vol 127, pp 473-496, 1983. Data from this paper are used in: Perspectives: Selected Benchmarks from commercial CFD codes, Freitas, ASME J. of Fluid Engineering, vol 117, pp. 208 -?, 1995.


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