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Junseok Kim January 23, 2001 13:41

DNS and LES?
Hi, I wonder what those are?

DNS and LES?

Are there any easy references for those?

Thank you~

sylvain January 24, 2001 05:09

Re: DNS and LES?
DNS = Direct Numerical Simulation; LES = Large Eddy Simultion

For DNS you solve exactly the Navier Stokes equations in time and space. That's mean you have to use a grid fine enought to catch all the scales of the turbulence.

For LES, only large eddies are solve and dissipative effect of small scales is usualy modelize throught a viscosity (SGS model = Sub-Grid Scale Model).

You may look to the following article :

P. R. Spalart - 1999 - Strategies for turbulence modelling and simulations Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Experiments 4 - W. Rodi and D. Laurence (Editors) - Elseviers

It gives a good introduction to the different ways use to solve the turbulence problem in CFD. The bibliography of this paper may give you some indication about references you are looking for.


frederic felten January 24, 2001 13:23

Re: DNS and LES?
hi there,

check the following link:

you'll find all the info you need about DNS & LES.

you can also go to Ugo Piomelli's publications website:

you'll be able to download a lot of papers and more about DNS and LES.


Frederic Felten CFD Lab, UT Arlington.

Junseok Kim January 26, 2001 02:06

Thank a lot, it is a great help.

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