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T January 24, 2001 14:23

flow over a 2D cyl using SIMPLE
Hi everyone

Although the original SIMPLE formulation was through finite volume, I believe that the SIMPLE algo can also be used for a finite diff. formulation provided the equations used are in the conservation form, which are derived by considering a fixed infinitesimal fluid volume in space.

I would like to know what the important considerations are while using a finite diff. formulation for SIMPLE and also if a non conservation form of equations can be used. Say for e.g. if I were attempting to solve the incompressible flow over a 2D cylinder using a polar grid using SIMPLE, would I have to consider the conservation form of the transformed N-S equations?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many tanks in advance.

Senthil January 27, 2001 08:32

Re: flow over a 2D cyl using SIMPLE
1.For this particular problem you need not use the transformed equations.You can solve it premitive variables it self. You say u r using finite difference scheme Simple will work . Just Discretise the N.S ( premitive variables will do)and try it out.

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