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Bipin Lokhande November 9, 1998 08:25

Multigrid Method in Turbulence Modelling
As multigrid method for accelarating the convergence of solution are found to be very impressive for laminar flows but can it be used for turbulent flow calculations, espacially using turbulence models. If it can be used will it have any limitations on using the type of turbulence model.

Abdul Aziz Jaafar November 11, 1998 20:20

Re: Multigrid Method in Turbulence Modelling
Dear Bipin

The code that I am using currently employed a multigrid method to accelarate convergence on turbulent flow computation with the Launder Sharma k-eps model. The problem that we have is to implement the method for k and eps in the wall region where we found computationally difficult, I think most probabl;y due to large gradient of eps in that region. But you can still include k and eps in the high turbulence Reynold number region.

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