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Desperate January 31, 2001 10:57

Need help
I can currently trying to write a program in C language. The scheme i am trying to use is the Alternate Direction Implicit Scheme. The problem i am facing is, i am quite unsure about the half time step that has to be done. Can anyone advise?

Also, can anyone enlighten me on the algorithm i should have?

Thank you

John C. Chien January 31, 2001 16:24

Re: Need help
(1). You can take a look at the book "Applied Numerical Methods" by Carnahan, Luther, and Wilkes. It has a Fortran program in the example along with the discussion of the original method related to un-steady conduction problem.

yf yap February 2, 2001 09:35

Re: Need help
please refer to "computational fluid dynamics-the basics with applications" by John D. Anderson.pp. 243-** a clear account on ADI is given there. and if there is mixed derivative in your formulation, you can refer to the following paper and the references given in the paper. Mckee,S. , Wall, D.P. and Wilson, S.K. (1996)."an alternating direction implicit scheme for parabolic equations with mixed derivative and convective terms" jour. of computational physics, vol. 126, pp64-76.

clifford bradford February 2, 2001 09:45

Re: Need help
You can also refer to the CFD book by Tannehill, Anderson, and Pletcher. They discuss ADI in some detail for the transient heat conduction problem.

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