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Dia Zeidan February 8, 2001 12:01

What is the difference between the drift-flux model and two-fluid model.

Vincent Nicoullaud February 9, 2001 10:45

Re: ...models...

I am using a two-fluid model to solve dispersed two-phase flows. I know less drift flux model. In two fluid model, you have to solve two sets of conservation equations (mass, momentum, turbulence, ...) for a two phase flow problem, every set of equations corresponds to one phase. Of course the two sets of equations are linked with momentum transfer between phases and volumetric fractions. To solve a multiphase flow problem with a drift flux model, you have one set of conservation equation for every phases and a transport-diffusion equation for the volumetric fraction of each phase. The momentum equations are weighted by the sum of the volumetric fractions weighted by the densities. In a final, with a two-fluid model, you have two different velocities at each cell, with a drift flux, only one. If you have only two different phases, it's better to use two fluid model. For more than two, I thing drift flux model is better for computational reasons.

Dia Zeidan February 9, 2001 13:54

Re: ...models...
Hi Vincent

Thank you for your reply. So drift-flux is a special case of two-fluid model. Assuming that we've gas-liquid.

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