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matt mason February 8, 2001 16:31

CFD code Wind 3.0 from NPARC
I am looking for anyinformation about people using Wind 3.0 wich is from NPARC Alliance, on a Linux box.

I am using wind on Windows NT 4.0 and would like to chnage to Linux since the Linux version of Wind can allow for multiprocessor.

Thanks Matt

Doug February 12, 2001 09:15

Re: CFD code Wind 3.0 from NPARC
Check with NPARC-support. They have been very helpful with other issues I've had with WIND. Hope all works well for you..

See the contact info at the bottom of the page for the WIND documents homepage (URL below).

John C. Chien February 12, 2001 12:42

Re: CFD code Wind 3.0 from NPARC
(1). Since the computer is changing at a very fast pace, a code could become obsolete in a rather short time. (2). It is better to train a group of CFD engineers capable of writing new codes and applications, instead of training more users to use an old code under new name. (3). You will have to go all the way back to the source. (the place where you get the code)

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