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Jan Rusås February 9, 2001 04:40

Another processor question

Is the extras $ for the Xeon processor (around 50% higher than for a standard Pentium) worth it, for a commercial CFD code? Any opinion higly appreciated.

Regards Jan

Jens Chr. Bennetsen February 9, 2001 05:20

Re: Another processor question

Simple answer NO !

Your would at the best only have an increase in performance 5% or less. And many commercial codes does not take advantage of the Xeon processor features.



Jonas Larsson February 9, 2001 06:07

Re: Another processor question
I second that opinion - About a year ago we benchmarked a 500 MHz Xeon against a 500 MHz PIII and the speed difference running both Fluent and our in-house CFD code was negligable.

Jurek February 9, 2001 12:09

Re: Another processor question
If you want to buy a small server as a number-cruncher, what would you take ? dual-board with xeons or dual-board with "normal" p3 with same MHz ?

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